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It’s Almost May

30 Apr

And the summer closet is out in full force! Had such a blast over the weekend out with friends so there are lots more pictures to come! Sorry about the iffy quality of these- I took them with my iPhone and shizz.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and have a fabulous week!







>> Dress: Collective Concepts; Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell; Bag: Chanel; Jewelry: Pamela Love; <<


Happy Anniversary Mr. Louboutin!

30 Apr

It’s been five years now since I began my love affair with Christian Louboutin. Five happy, fulfilling and amazing years filled with shoe shopping and red soles! And it’s been twenty years since Christian Louboutin first began making all of our lives better! So here’s to you, Christian!

Love your faithful fan,


Check out some of the AMAZING Louboutins below —all part of a capsule collection for his 20th anniversary!


All photos found HERE

Sweet Spring

29 Apr

Cheers to the freakin weekend!







>> Dress: MiuMiu; Sandals: Tory Burch; Bag: Vintage Chanel; Bracelet: Pamela Love; Neckalces: Pamela Love and Venezia find; <<


Sergio Rossi

27 Apr

Check out my new shoes people!! I have always LOVED Sergio Rossi. Fell in love when I lived in Venice, Italy – pre Louboutin obsession- can you even imagine? Me without Louboutins? Haha. Now I am BACK in love with Sergio Rossi and just added this pair to my collection today.  SO excited!sergio rossi


Super Casual Friday

20 Apr

So I got an email from a reader the other day telling me how dressed up I always seem to be and asking for advice on how to get out of her usual sweats more often and into some skinny jeans, dammit! She also asked if I ever wore sweats. Well, dear sweat wearer, OF COURSE I wear sweats- and I really don’t think I’m that dressed up all the time. I just don’t think the world wide web wants to see pictures of me hunched over an organic chemistry book in an old Juicy track suit. (And yes. I was one of those girls and owned one in every color ever made- haha- but that’s a whole other story) But seriously, when I’m not at work I’m getting up at 6 AM for school and I’m in some pretty lax, borderline pajama, outfits.

So here you go, my dear. This is me with no make up, no dressing up- post school pre running errands all day look.

Eat your heart out everyone.






Sip Shopping

18 Apr

Visited Napa last night with some friends for happy hour at Hog Island. The oysters were delicious as usual as was the wine. I am never in Napa as I live in Sonoma and can find all the wineries I want here- but Oxbow Market is super cute. I haven’t visited in over a year so it was a nice change of pace. Same concept/ owner as the Ferry Building in San Francisco and just a fun place to have a glass of wine, eat some oysters, shop around at all the little stands, and get together with friends.




>> Cargo Pants: Belstaff; Top: Lovers + Friends; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Necklaces: Luna Charleston and found at a market in Phuket; Bag: Chanel; Sunglasses: Tom Ford; Bracelets: handmade by me, Pamela Love and Top Shop; Watch: Toy Watch; <<

So Fly

17 Apr

OM- goodness everyone! I have just discovered the greatest thing since red soles! Haha. Check out this AH-MAYZING “so fly” ring and bracelet I accidentally stumbled across while shopping online. How awesome are these? I can pretty much guarantee you that you won’t run into anyone wearing the same bracelet as you with this baby on your wrist. The jewelry designer’s name is Melody Ehsani and she has some other super fun stuff too. Best part? So affordable! I seriously cannot wait until my new bracelets come in the mail!

And keep in mind that you seriously do not need to spend 28383919 dollars on costume jewelry, people. Sure there are some staples like Hermés’ collier de chien and others that will last you forever and you just need BUT honestly for some plated brass ring it is just dumb to spend what you would spend on a REAL gold ring just because it says some designer’s name on it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some FAB pieces but for the most part- u can look super chic without spending an arm and leg on costume jewelry.