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Happy Pride!

24 Jun

Happy Pride to all of my LGBT friends, family, followers, and the entire community! I am so proud of and for you. Love you!











Daily Fashion Diary

23 Jun

Completely obsessed with my new Superga platform sneaks! So much so I ordered them in a bunch more colors!

It’s sooooo funny because when I was little and growing up in Germany I always rocked Supergas, was obsessed with platform anything, and would tie all my shoes like they were ballet shoes. It’s the first time in my life that I have recycled one of
my own styles. I must be getting old! Haha.






>> Pants: Siwy Hannah; Blouse: Equipment; Sneakers: Superga; Bag: Miu Miu; Sunnies: Grey Ant; Necklace: Anthropologie; Bracelets: Hermes and CC Skye; Rings: YSL and vintage; <<

Olive You

21 Jun

The olive trees at our property are getting bigger and bigger- so beautiful! I spent the longest night of the year swimming, sipping Pinot Grigio, and enjoying the warm weather.

Cheers everyone!








>> Dress: Blumarine; Sandals: Cynthia Vincent for Target (great find love these little shits!); Bracelets: Vintage and Luna Charleston; Bag: Louis Vuitton; <<

Gypsy Cowgirl

20 Jun

Lace + denim + some western boots = perfection. Throw in a floral wreath and its even better!











>> Top: Valentino; Shorts: Current Elliott; Boots: Cobra Society (netaporter sale- ca Ching!); Wreath: Topshop; Sunglasses: Grey Ant; Bracelets: CC Skye, BCBG; Necklaces: Pamela Love and Vintage; Bag: Proenza; <<

Clutch Me Closer

19 Jun

It’s happening people and thank goodness because I am getting sick of some of the carryalls that were totally unattractive to begin with! Clutches and mini pochettes are everywhere and I freaking love it. Time to dust off some old babies that have been hiding in my closet for a while or only make appearances on the odd night out. I guess this also means minimizing all the shit we carry around, well good riddance. Have you ever gone out without a giant handbag? It’s quite liberating actually. So feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous clutches and invest in a few key pieces for fall!


One of my favorite new pieces is this AMAZEBALLS Charlotte Olympia plexiglass clutch with interchangeable pochettes to put inside. It’s like 10 little bags in one. Loves it. Photo found HERE.

I die a little bit inside everytime I see this amazing clutch from Alexander McQueen. I want you talon, fang, python clutch. Where can I find you? Photo found HERE.

The always genius Christian Louboutin designed this little pill clutch for his 20th anniversary collection and I am unhealthily obsessed with it. Only problem? It’s 7K. A little ridiculous. This purse is oh so fitting for my life though. I would much rather buy a pair of Louboutins than take some Prozac, wouldn’t you? Red soles are definitely my medicine! Photo found HERE.

Let’s not forget the always classic, will never go out of style, mini 2.55. I have this little squirt in red and I love the crap out of it. You would be surprised how much fits into it and how it goes with literally everything you own. I am planning to add one in black to my collection soon! Photo found HERE.

The Hermés Medor clutch is to die for. There are no other words. Photo found HERE.

The Proenza Schouler PS1 has always been a favorite of mine. I still don’t have one because I wanted to get the large PS1 first but soon my friends, soon… I’m thinking one in black on black too since it will go with everything. Either that or one in neon yellow…. thoughts? Photo found HERE.

The first time I saw the Givenchy Pandora bag my initial reaction was hell to no. But it has grown on my quite a bit now and I really kind of love it. Especially the mini. So perfect. Photo found HERE.

Alas we come to the Celine trio. I worked for Celine for a year or so while living in London when it was still in need of a good facelift… Well here you have it. While I am not a huge fan of their other bags I have always adored their ready to wear and am newly obsessed with a certain Audrey, and this little number. Super practical, and minimalist- I totally love it- especially in yellow. Photo found HERE. PS) How amazing is this girl’s outfit?!

Daily Fashion Diary

18 Jun

My obsession with neon and pink continues! I swear you cannot have enough of either!

Went to H&M this week because they have the best camis EVER and are literally like 6.00 and fell in love with this neon pink and glitter clutch! Fucking rad! And the price? Even more rad. 20.00!!! Hell to the yes people. Love it!

These wedges are oldies but goldies. I bought them at Foot Candy maybe six years ago or so and they were only my third or fourth pair of Louboutins! I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it, haha! Anyway, I literally have worn them like once while living in London so I’ve kind of just rediscovered them! They are so incredibly comfortable and go with like my entire summer wardrobe- so expect a lot more pictures of these babies! ;]

So, buy some neon pieces and spruce up your summer wardrobes!









>> Dress: Ella Moss; Clutch and necklace: H&M; Wedges: Louboutin; Bracelets: BCBG, CC Skye, and my own designs; <<

Seeing Red

14 Jun

I didn’t really feel like doing anything yesterday, much less get out of my pajamas and actually get dressed… So when it came time to leave the house this is what ensued; super casual and loose, it’s been hot as hell in Northern California! I randomly decided to accessorize in red and I feel like it kind of works. ;]





>> Skirt: LF; Top: Zara; Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell; Bag: Chanel; Necklace: Pamela Love; Bracelet: Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: Grey Ant; <<