All About Yours Truly

Let me start off by saying that ever since I was seven, 
yes seven, fashion has been my LIFE. Instead of 
collecting Lisa Frank stickers and watching Nickelodeon 
I would hide  out in my mother's closet- trying on her 
amazing clothes  and leafing through pages of Vogue. 
I was a girl obsessed. At the ripe old age of 8 I had my 
first pair of stilettos,  which I basically had to beg my mom 
to buy me for an entire year! At nine I got my first designer 
bag, a sequined Fendi baguette my father bought me for 
Christmas that I STILL HAVE. 
When asked who my celebrity crush was I consistently replied 
with, 'Karl Lagerfeld!' (Haha!)  To this day shopping is my 
absolute favorite thing to do and I can be found anywhere 
from Barney's to Top Shop to vintage shops- there are 
treasures to be found absolutely everywhere.
My style has always been pretty eclectic. I'm always 
following all  the latest trends while still adding my 
own personal touches.  I am all about being yourself, 
wearing what makes you feel  comfortable and fabulous,
and cultivating your own unique  style. 
I live in a beautiful part of California where 
the  shopping is fabulous, the wine
is amazing (and always flowing!) and the food is 
delicious. I have been fortunate enough  to always be 
surrounded by beauty and have lived in places  all over 
the world. 
This blog is a homage to all the wonderful things 
I have been  able to see, do and WEAR. It's a celebration 
of style, art and  life! That being said, check in for all 
your fashion tips, must  haves, and more!  
Love what you wear and wear what you love! 
Monica Valentina

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