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The Met Gala 2012

8 May

Every year I look forward to the Met Gala and all of the amazing haute couture. This year was no exception and I decided to go through and pick out some of my favorites and of course, least favorites to share with you all!



All photos found HERE

LOVE the following …

^^ Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe. I think this is such a stunning/ FIERCE look. I am dying over the turban. So 60s, so gorgeous, and she pulls the look off flawlessly!

^^ Rhianna in Tom Ford. Have you ever seen a crocodile leather dress? I haven’t and I am OBSESSED. How stunning is this!?

I think Beyonce looks beautiful in this Givenchy. This dress is a work of art. So freaking gorgeous! No words!!

^^ This has to be my favorite look from the night. Say what you will but I LOVE sequins, I love gold and I love capes- and this Dolce and Gabbana stunner combines all three without looking tacky. I am so dying over this. It literally makes me happy to look at. Well done, Bianca Brandolini D’Adda. Well done.

^^ January Jones continues wearing Versace and continues look amazing doing so. Loving this structured yellow number so very much!

^^ So maybe this wasn’t the best choice for the occasion but I am still crushing hard on this vintage Givenchy number. Coca Rocha pulls it off so perfectly- I’m really not sure if many others could!

^^ I just had to throw in this little piece of man candy. Seriously though how freaking seksi does Chuck Bass Ed Westwick look in his Prada suit? DROOL.


^^ Not a huge fan of Debra Messing but this dress is so understated and gorgeous with just a little sparkle. I love it.

^^ How adorable is Emma Stone in this Lanvin? Pictured here with designer Alber Ebaz. WANT!

^^ More capes, more magic. This Altuzarra number on Lana Del Rey is everything!!


And for the disasters of the night…


^^ Oh girl please no. This Balenciaga dress is just all kinds of wrong and the shoes just make it worse.

^^ Seriously, SJP? Did you go to an old folks’ home and make a dress out of some bed sheets? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Explain yourselves Valentino!

^^ I guess Kristen Dunst dressing like a frumpy old lady is nothing new… I usually adore almost everything from Rodarte but this looks like a suit from the 80s fished out of a salvation army bin! No bueno!

^^ And Elizabeth Banks manages to look pregnant in this nightmare of  a dress by Mary Katrantzou.

^^ Haven’t we had enough of high slits? This is NOT attractive. Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello.

^^ Please no. Christina Ricci is way too tiny to pull off this Thakoon dress. She looks like she’s drowning!

^^ I still can’t decided whether I love or hate Chloe Sevengy’s Miu Miu dress… Thoughts?

^^ Aaaaaaand looking like a scary old lady is MK in her own label, The Row. The dress wouldn’t even be that bad, nothing special but not bad, if she had done her his and makeup differently but seriously- all that’s missing is some fangs!

^^ What the French Anna!? Is that a lobster on your Prada?! Love you- hate this!




What The Hell Fergie!?!?

10 Dec



This dress doesn’t even fit you girl!!! This is borderline the worst outfit I have ever seen. Not only is the dress shiteously ugly but Fergie Ferg didn’t even try and hide the fact that it’s about 3 sizes too small!!!


Ten Trends I Hope We Never See Again!

2 Dec

We all look back on a few things we have worn and shudder- I definitely have! Here are some trends that I seriously hope are gone for good. I’m definitely guilty of rocking a few of them – tracksuits and purse dogs!! haha. Oh to be a teenager… Check out the LOLZ below!

Not in any particular order BTW.

1. Purse Dogs. Ugh! The Paris Hilton thing is SO over.

2. Juicy Tracksuits, or any tracksuits, anywhere outside of your house or the airport!

3. Long, tacky fake nails!

4. Fake, peroxide blonde color and fake boobs. No one likes the fake ass porn star look except people you don’t want to know anyway!

5. Ed Hardy. ICK. Jersey Shore-tastic!


6. Belly Tops. Even if you have the abs- they make everyone look like they are straight out of a trailer park! Unless you’re at a music festival or the beach – cover up your midriff ladies and show off your arms, back and legs instead! You can show some skin and still be classy!

7. Von Dutch and trucker hats. Ughhhhh!!!

8. Bubble Dresses. So. Awful.

9. Mini Backpacks. Does anyone remember this catastrophe??!??!? Sooo FUGLY!

10. Silly Bandz. WHY was this ever necessary!??!




Money Can’t Buy You Style. No Sir.

18 Nov

Since I’m sick in bed all day I thought what better thing to do than look up some funny faux pas on the internet and blog?! I compiled this list of, in my opinion, some of the WORST red carpet outfits ever. I mean really… don’t these people have enough money to hire a stylist!? Or couldn’t they have at least looked in the mirror before leaving the house!? Check out the LOLZ and disasters below.