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Clutch Me Closer

19 Jun

It’s happening people and thank goodness because I am getting sick of some of the carryalls that were totally unattractive to begin with! Clutches and mini pochettes are everywhere and I freaking love it. Time to dust off some old babies that have been hiding in my closet for a while or only make appearances on the odd night out. I guess this also means minimizing all the shit we carry around, well good riddance. Have you ever gone out without a giant handbag? It’s quite liberating actually. So feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous clutches and invest in a few key pieces for fall!


One of my favorite new pieces is this AMAZEBALLS Charlotte Olympia plexiglass clutch with interchangeable pochettes to put inside. It’s like 10 little bags in one. Loves it. Photo found HERE.

I die a little bit inside everytime I see this amazing clutch from Alexander McQueen. I want you talon, fang, python clutch. Where can I find you? Photo found HERE.

The always genius Christian Louboutin designed this little pill clutch for his 20th anniversary collection and I am unhealthily obsessed with it. Only problem? It’s 7K. A little ridiculous. This purse is oh so fitting for my life though. I would much rather buy a pair of Louboutins than take some Prozac, wouldn’t you? Red soles are definitely my medicine! Photo found HERE.

Let’s not forget the always classic, will never go out of style, mini 2.55. I have this little squirt in red and I love the crap out of it. You would be surprised how much fits into it and how it goes with literally everything you own. I am planning to add one in black to my collection soon! Photo found HERE.

The Hermés Medor clutch is to die for. There are no other words. Photo found HERE.

The Proenza Schouler PS1 has always been a favorite of mine. I still don’t have one because I wanted to get the large PS1 first but soon my friends, soon… I’m thinking one in black on black too since it will go with everything. Either that or one in neon yellow…. thoughts? Photo found HERE.

The first time I saw the Givenchy Pandora bag my initial reaction was hell to no. But it has grown on my quite a bit now and I really kind of love it. Especially the mini. So perfect. Photo found HERE.

Alas we come to the Celine trio. I worked for Celine for a year or so while living in London when it was still in need of a good facelift… Well here you have it. While I am not a huge fan of their other bags I have always adored their ready to wear and am newly obsessed with a certain Audrey, and this little number. Super practical, and minimalist- I totally love it- especially in yellow. Photo found HERE. PS) How amazing is this girl’s outfit?!


Pretty Please

12 Jun

Not in any specific order but here seven super fucking fabulous summer must haves of mine.


1. Celine Audrey Sunglasses (Finally tracked down and ordered a pair – from my optician in Germany, oddly enough! Now I just need some in tortoise too!)

Photo found HERE

2. Christian Louboutin Bis Un Bout in neon yellow. How to die are these? I would wear these to sleep, eat, bathe, drink, run, work, BREATHE!! Next trip to Neiman’s these babies WILL be mine! ;]

Photo found HERE

3. Christian Louboutin Bold Shoulder Bag. Ok, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one (although it is TO DIE FOR) but I am currently eying a few of Mr. Louboutin’s fabulous bold shoulder bags. What a good fuck!ng idea. Obsessed.  Decisions, decisions…

Photo found HERE

4. Sass and bid One by One sequin leggings. I am obsessed with anything that sparkles and I’m obsessed with Sass and Bide so that = me needing these leggings ASAP. So perfect for summer nights out!

Photo found HERE

5. I am DYING for a purple PS1. I have my eye on one in more of a neon shade in lambskin at Neiman’s… Love, Love, LOVE.

Photo found HERE

6. I have been looking for these Isabel Marant jeans FOREVER. I am at the point where I am considering buying them on ebay! If ANYONE knows where to find them- I will seriously love you forever. Name your reward!

Photo found HERE

7. And last, but certainly NOT least are these dope as fuck royal blue Isabel Marant Bekett sneakers. DROOL.

Photo found HERE.

Holy Sweet Flower Child I am in LOVE

8 May

Thanks to Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller aka my favorite blog EVER (Go check it out. Now. Seriously) and all of her Coachella Pics I have rekindled my love of turbans and headbands (not that I ever stopped loving them just stopped sporting them as much– but that’s all about to change).

Cult Gaia and their amazing flower wreathes and “turbands” have made me one happy girl. I just ordered a few and I know I am going to be sporting them all summer long and I highly suggest you visit their website and invest in a few pieces!


Photo found HERE.

The Met Gala 2012

8 May

Every year I look forward to the Met Gala and all of the amazing haute couture. This year was no exception and I decided to go through and pick out some of my favorites and of course, least favorites to share with you all!



All photos found HERE

LOVE the following …

^^ Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe. I think this is such a stunning/ FIERCE look. I am dying over the turban. So 60s, so gorgeous, and she pulls the look off flawlessly!

^^ Rhianna in Tom Ford. Have you ever seen a crocodile leather dress? I haven’t and I am OBSESSED. How stunning is this!?

I think Beyonce looks beautiful in this Givenchy. This dress is a work of art. So freaking gorgeous! No words!!

^^ This has to be my favorite look from the night. Say what you will but I LOVE sequins, I love gold and I love capes- and this Dolce and Gabbana stunner combines all three without looking tacky. I am so dying over this. It literally makes me happy to look at. Well done, Bianca Brandolini D’Adda. Well done.

^^ January Jones continues wearing Versace and continues look amazing doing so. Loving this structured yellow number so very much!

^^ So maybe this wasn’t the best choice for the occasion but I am still crushing hard on this vintage Givenchy number. Coca Rocha pulls it off so perfectly- I’m really not sure if many others could!

^^ I just had to throw in this little piece of man candy. Seriously though how freaking seksi does Chuck Bass Ed Westwick look in his Prada suit? DROOL.


^^ Not a huge fan of Debra Messing but this dress is so understated and gorgeous with just a little sparkle. I love it.

^^ How adorable is Emma Stone in this Lanvin? Pictured here with designer Alber Ebaz. WANT!

^^ More capes, more magic. This Altuzarra number on Lana Del Rey is everything!!


And for the disasters of the night…


^^ Oh girl please no. This Balenciaga dress is just all kinds of wrong and the shoes just make it worse.

^^ Seriously, SJP? Did you go to an old folks’ home and make a dress out of some bed sheets? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Explain yourselves Valentino!

^^ I guess Kristen Dunst dressing like a frumpy old lady is nothing new… I usually adore almost everything from Rodarte but this looks like a suit from the 80s fished out of a salvation army bin! No bueno!

^^ And Elizabeth Banks manages to look pregnant in this nightmare of  a dress by Mary Katrantzou.

^^ Haven’t we had enough of high slits? This is NOT attractive. Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello.

^^ Please no. Christina Ricci is way too tiny to pull off this Thakoon dress. She looks like she’s drowning!

^^ I still can’t decided whether I love or hate Chloe Sevengy’s Miu Miu dress… Thoughts?

^^ Aaaaaaand looking like a scary old lady is MK in her own label, The Row. The dress wouldn’t even be that bad, nothing special but not bad, if she had done her his and makeup differently but seriously- all that’s missing is some fangs!

^^ What the French Anna!? Is that a lobster on your Prada?! Love you- hate this!



Glitter-Patter Goes My Heart

4 May

Speaking of being a girly girl- I freaking love glitter! Be mindful not to overdo it though, a little accessory here or there or some fine details is all you need.

A lot of these things would also be such fun DIY projects! And since crafting is one of my favorite things to do- I put up some links for you all to try it yourselves so keep scrolling for inspiration and add some sparkle to your step!


PS) All of the greatest glitter pieces I own are Miu Miu. They seriously have it down. I have expressed my love of Miu Miu before but seriously you guys, it is AMAZING. Most of the looks below are Miu Miu as well so I really suggest running, not walking, to your closest Miu Miu boutique or retailer and investing in some of their gorgeous pieces.

Photo found HERE

Photo found HERE

Photo found HERE

Photo found HERE

The glitter collar above would be such a fun and easy DIY! Check it out HERE. Also check out THIS AWESOME BLOG for more instructions on the DIY glitter peter pan collar. I want to make one!!

Photo found HERE. This could be another fun DIY project!

Who does love some glittery nails!?

Some glittery eyeshadow for a night out! Just an FYI- Urban Decay makes the BEST glitter eyeshadow. Midnight Cowboy Rides again is my personal favorite!

I need some of these glitter tights in my life!

And last but not least- glitter clutches are such a staple! Fun for both day and evening use.

Must Love Pink

4 May

It’s so funny how your style evolves over time.

When I was younger I LOVED pink. I mean I seriously loved it. There was a period from when I was three years old until I was six or seven when I outright refused to wear anything that wasn’t pink. Then I got over it and turned into a total tomboy until the middle of high school and refused to wear anything that was pink. Then I turned into the epitome of a girly girl, in fact I’m pretty sure Paris Hilton was my ultimate style icon at the time (embarrassing I know).

After I graduated high school and moved to Europe my style changed again and I went from being a total girly girl in mini skirts and halter tops to more of a hipster- skinny jeans wearing, designer conscious, London chic lady. At times I was even a little grungy.

Once again, my style has slowly evolved. While I still only wear skinny jeans and am occasionally a little grungy- still not super girly- I am finding myself adding pink to my wardrobe left and right after years of owning one or two pieces. Granted, I am no longer pouring myself into a size 0 pink Herve Legér (I WISH I were still that tiny) to wear during the day- oh yes, embarrassingly enough, that was me; I do find myself really adoring my J Brand pink skinny jeans, pink Louboutins, and I even recently ordered a neon pink denim jacket (which I am SO excited about). I am going shopping in San Francisco tomorrow and am planning on adding a few more pink pieces to my life… All of the sudden pink makes me so happy!

Check out some of the goodies below and start planning your own pink party… I promise adding a little color to your life makes your wardrobe so much more exciting!



I Die For Dip Dyed Hair

13 Apr

I have a major style crush on dip dyed hair. I am absolutely DYING to do it to my hair, which is odd because I have never been one to go punk and dye my hair a rainbow of colors- but honestly this is way too fab! I am seriously considering doing this as soon as I figure out a way to put my hair up so I can hide it at work. Check out some of the gorgeous looks for locks below!


Photo Found HERE. BTW This is my absolute favorite look! I want these exact colors! Anyone know where to go in the North Bay? I am willing to drive further for good referrals!

So flipping amaze-balls!

Photo found HERE

Photo found HERE