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Color Me Happy

24 May

Daily Fashion Diary

5 Apr

So the weather is getting better and I’m so excited to be able to go back into my summer closet again! Pick of the day: my standard s/s uniform of cut off shorts, some flats and a flowy blouse with a suede fringe vest. The fringe kind if gives the otherwise simple outfit an edgier- Boho look. I really think that everyone needs some fringe in their lives. Not only does it never go out of style but you can pretty much pair it with anything.

BTW that giant hunting dog you all see in the background is in fact named Hunter and he’s my family’s sweet boy. Love him!

Happy Spring everyone!







>> Shorts: Current Elliott; Blouse: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Vest: Handmade in Tirol, Austria; Flats: Tory Burch; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Bag Chanel; Necklace: Vintage; Bracelets: A gift from my mother and Linea Pelle; <<

Utility Jackets

9 Mar


Dress them down over some jeans and a camp or dress them up over a mini dress – the possibilities are endless! Utility, or army jackets if you will, are definitely a new obsession of mine!




Daily Fashion Diary

23 Feb

I feel like I’m 21 again because I am OBSESSED with flannels all over again! I have totally been getting my grunge on! Went out to Bodega today for a little hole in the wall lunch and a trip to a rad little surf shop I heart- I think a new board is in the cards for me soon!






>> Leggings: Black Milk; Tank: Zara; Flannel: LF; Scarf: Alexander McQueen; Bag: Chanel; Boots: Belstaff; Sunglasses: Grey Ant; Bracelets: Hermés, Links of London and LF; <<

Life Would Be Dull Without:

6 Dec

Well clothes and accessories for one. Not to mention all of the must haves in my closet- there are definitely some items I rock on the regular that are just staples in my wardrobe. Here are just a few things I can’t imagine my collection without and that I wear basically everyday…

Christian Louboutin shoes are a must for me. His delicious red soles can transform even the dullest outfit into a chic ensemble. Love.


Some fab leggings. I love leggings- I seriously wear them at least 5 days a week in the winter- in all colors and designs.


Sunglasses. I love sunglasses- I think I own over 50 pairs. They are such a huge part of an outfit! These Chanels are a pair of my faves! I can’t resist a pair of funky shades!


Headbands. I am a total headband whore.


Flats. I think I own about a million Tory Burch and Lanvin flats. They are so comfy and chic. I’m either in flats, heels or boots- the only time you will ever see me in sneakers is at the gym and possibly the beach and of course if I get those damn studded Louboutin sneakers I asked for for Christmas! ;] I took this picture of my TB’s the other day after taking a long stroll through my vineyard… They got a bit muddy! So versatile those flats!


My Louis Vuitton leopard print scarf collection is a major staple in my wardrobe. I wear them all the time. Seriously don’t know how I lived a fulfilling life without these babies ;] I’m also pretty obsessed with my McQueen skull scarves- I need to make it a point to start wearing them more often!



Sequins. My closet is a better place because of them.


Hermès and their amazing bracelets. My wrists would be so boring without them!


Fur. Love fur. My Oma gave me some amazing pieces from her collection recently and I’ve been an avid collector for years ;] One of my faves is this vintage Dior fox and beaver coat my Oma gave me. So unique. LOVE. Btw PETA people- I don’t care what you have to say so please just spare me.


Chanel. What girls wardrobe is complete without a little Chanel? So versatile, so chic. I even threw my beige 2.55 into the basket on my bike the other day and took a little ride feeling très cool ;]



Studs. Spikes. Grommets. No outfit is complete without them!



A butt load of accessories, duh!


Just Wanted to Say

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU. Thanks to all my readers and followers for all your support . I am grateful for you all!